was created on February 1st, 2007 by myself, along with Vinny working as head adminstrator. The idea came to us after spending several years in the Neon community and wanting something better. I took what I learned from 2GN.ORG about what people were looking for in an online community and sought to develop something to cater to the 1st Generation Neon owners..

The page has yet to be written in the book of how 1GN.ORG is doing but I hope in a month I can update this page with a happy note that it's taking off very well.

As with 2GN.ORG, of the 1GN.ORG staff and myself are fully devoted to helping the users. They are what make the site what it is and are the most important aspect and always will be.

- Jason Day aka Diablo0
1GN Founder


copyright 2005, phil p.